September 08, 2015

Uncommon orthopaedic surgeries conducted at Lifeline Sohar

1. A 30-year old male patient was brought to Lifeline Hospital Sohar after a fall from height at work place. He had sustained injury to right hip and was not able to walk. He was assessed and stabilized in ER by Dr. Narayana Gowda B.S., orthopaedic surgeon.

X-Ray and CT scan showed completely displaced fracture of neck of right femur (upper end of right thigh bone). This part of the hip bone has a peculiar type of blood supply compared to other bones - from below upwards. If there is a fracture, blood supply will be hampered to the fractured bone and can result in complications like non union, delayed union, death of the hip ball joint and arthritis. If surgery is delayed for more than 6 hours after injury, chances of these complications increase.

In view of these factors, patient was operated late at night with the help of C Arm by Dr. Narayan and was assisted by Dr. Shirish Narsapur. Patient tolerated the surgery well and was made to walk with the help of a walker on the second day. He underwent regular follow up treatment and now, he is walking comfortably and has returned to work.

This type of emergency surgery was done in Lifeline Hospital Sohar for the first time and we are fully equipped to manage such cases in Sohar.

2. A 30-year old male Omani patient visited many local hospitals for pain and recurrent dislocation of right patella (outward slipping of knee cap) and obtained no relief. This problem started after sustaining an injury while playing football 2 years earlier. He was examined and assessed initially by Dr. Narayana Gowda. X-ray and MRI scan reports showed a tear in the ligament which holds the knee cap in position.

Patient was operated by the orthopaedic team comprising of Dr. Narayan and Dr. Shirish, using minimal incisions and special implants called SWIVE LOCK ANCHORS. Patient was able to walk one day after his surgery with the help of walker.

He underwent physiotherapy at Lifeline Hospital and came for follow up for 7 months. Till now, he has not experienced recurrence of symptoms.

This type of surgery is rarely done in Sultanate of Oman and most of the patients go to India or Thailand for such surgeries. We are diagnosing and managing similar uncommon cases on regular basis.

3. A 36 year old male Omani patient visited Lifeline Sohar with history of painful click and instability to right knee as the result of an injury which occurred during a football game. He was examined and assessed initially on outpatient basis with X-Ray and MRI scan which showed a tear in the medial meniscus, a cushion like structure inside the knee.

He had visited many local hospitals and was advised to undergo meniscal removal surgery. But the orthopaedic team consisting of Dr Narayan and Dr. Shirish performed meniscal repair surgery on him. He was able to walk with the help of crutches on the very next day after surgery.

Instead of travelling abroad for such surgeries, residents of Oman can approach Lifeline Hospital Sohar to get them done and obtain equally professional results, thus saving on cost and time.