June 30, 2015

Single Incision Laparoscopy at Lifeline Sohar

Lifeline Hospital has introduced the innovative SILS technique of laparoscopic surgery in Sohar. “This is yet another feather in the cap for Lifeline group which is always in the forefront in offering cutting edge technology to improve patient satisfaction” stated Mr. Nousheer Alam, hospital manager of Sohar branch.

SILS (Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery) technique of laparoscopic surgery involves placing multiple instruments through a single access point. This method minimizes the pain associated with multiple ports at different sites and the ensuing scars, and leads to quicker recovery and better cosmesis.

SILS technique is commonly used to perform appendicectomy, cholecystectomy, ovarian cystectomy, oopherectomy etc. These minimally invasive surgeries are carried out only in select hospitals. Such centres use special ports (SILS port) and special instruments which enhance the flexibility and visualization while performing SILS procedures, but they are significantly more expensive than standard instruments.

Dr. Lingaraj B. Patil, laparoscopic surgeon at Lifeline Sohar, performs the SILS procedure with conventional instruments, thereby keeping the cost of surgery affordable. Training and experience in this technique is currently limited and manipulating standard instruments through such a small incision requires considerable skill.

With valuable experience in surgery gained while working in leading hospitals in India and UK, Dr.Patil has initiated SILS procedure in Lifeline Sohar and has already conducted several surgeries using this technique. All the patients were totally satisfied since hospital stay was shorter and recovery was faster with minimal pain and less scarring.