August 11, 2015

Repair of ulnar collateral ligament at Sohar

A 39 year old male patient who had complaints of pain and instability of right elbow consulted Dr. Shirish Narsapur, orthopaedic surgeon at Lifeline Hospital Sohar. He had severe tenderness on the medial aspect of the elbow associated with painful range of motion and gross instability. This problem developed after the patient had sustained a fall 5 months earlier.

During clinical examination, he was diagnosed with ulnar collateral ligament injury of the elbow and this was confirmed radiologically. This type of injury is uncommon in this part of the world since it is usually associated with baseball pitchers. Owing to its rarity, treatment for such cases is also not very common here and patients go either to India or Thailand for getting this treated.

The patient underwent surgical reconstruction of the ligament by the orthopaedic team at LLH Sohar consisting of Dr. Shirish M. Narsapur and Dr. Narayan Gowda B. S. who performed Tommy John procedure.

Lifeline Hospital Sohar now offers the expertise to diagnose and manage these rare cases and several such procedures are performed by the orthopaedic team on regular basis.