September 29, 2015

Presentation on 'back pain' at Oman Methanol - by Dr. Niaz

Marketing department organized a presentation at Oman Methanol Company by Dr. Mohammad Niaz, orthopedic surgeon, on 17th September. Topic chosen was 'Low Back Pain', a common problem faced by office goers and general public alike.

Dr. Niyaz explained briefly about the structure of the spine, common causes for back pain and how seemingly unrelated numbness and tingling in hands and legs can be caused due to problems which start in the back bone. The talk culminated with 'work station posture' and video presentation on a few simple exercises to prevent work-related disability.

The programme was attended by a large gathering and was very enthusiastically received by the participants. OMC management thanked Lifeline Sohar for the co-operation extended to them in facilitating the event.